Renee Patrone does more than just host a party to remember.  The founder of two companies, Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers, Renee is now a self-made business leader.

Over the past decade, she has grown Events by Renee into Philadelphia’s premiere wedding planning business.  From the engagement ring to the ‘I do’s,’ Renee has walked dozens of couples down the aisle and into their future with a fabulous celebration.

Renee started Party Host Helpers in 2013, after she realized so many hosts were missing out on their events.  Renee created a team of trained and experienced helpers to staff parties, bridal showers, graduation events and more.  From taking out the trash to loading the dishwasher, Party Host Helpers does it all, so the hosts can enjoy their guests.

But once Party Host Helpers began, the company piqued interest outside of Philadelphia.  Now, Party Host Helpers is in more than 30 cities from New York City, to West Palm Beach to Los Angeles.  And continues to grow.

From marketing to scaling her business, Renee can speak on several topics like competing in the event industry, taking her company to the nationwide level or using all media platforms to increase exposure. 

Renee is well-spoken, articulate and most important, fun and euthusiastic about what she does.  She’s passionate about celebrating all of life’s moments and creating more moments worth celebrating!